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Learn what’s new and exciting with Polarion 2012:

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Special thanks to all the Early Access program participants for their feedback and help in making the product stable and powerful!

Test Management

Test Management Overview

What’s coming in 2012

  • Separated test specification and test execution.
  • Test results are now data objects, not merely comments in test cases.
  • New "Test Run" domain entity that stores information (test cases to be run, environment, results) and has History
  • Automated Test Case is a "first-class citizen": integrate with test automation tools via Open API, auto-run via Builds, import-ready for any test results in xUnit file format.
  • New Test Run API plugs smoothly into Polarion's Open API. Build rich dashboards or interactive wiki pages, just as you can with requirements and other Work Item types.
  • Test Run data is stored in Subversion, automatically versioned, secure, and scalable into the millions of test records.

Learn more about our brand new product: Polarion QA

RocketHere are just a few of the companies that signed up for our Early Access Program:

Many Companies
xUnit for SW tests is acceptable, what for HW tests? ODX looks nice but coverage is poor. Tips?
As expected users are asking to access SQL-layer directly. Lots of work to make secure SQL Views to open them to public.
users are reporting that new UI is really cool. They enjoy our usability tests. h…
Another demo passed, again confirmed QA is on track, tracking test data as a custom fields for test records works.