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“Expressing ideas in Polarion has never been easier”
Type requirements as easy as in MS Word, draw diagrams as with desktop tool,
all in your browser, instantly shared, linked with other artefacts.
Jiri Walek
Product Manager
Polarion Software
Jiri Walek

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Sometimes a picture really is worth 1000 words. That’s why, in Polarion 2013, you’ll be able to create, draw, and update all kinds of diagrams - everything from flow charts to UML class diagrams - right in your Polarion LiveDocs. No need to drop out to some external diagram tool, export diagrams to images, upload the images... and do it all again when change happens. And you’ll be glad to know that your drawn-in-the-Document diagrams will export nicely... along with your other LiveDoc content... to Word Round-trip and PDF.

Polarion’s new Diagram Editor is just one of the many cool new things coming in Polarion 2013. Sign up for the Early Access Program for video sneak previews and other perks including access to pre-release builds. Sign up now and be among the first to see and try Polarion 2013.





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