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LiveDoc Enhancements

Polarion’s unique architecture enables features that most people would never expect in a browser-based Requirements Management solution. Polarion LiveDoc™ documents are a great example.

The Document Editor is a great place to write and collaborate on specifications. You can dump your ideas quickly, not limited or distracted by the tool. Just capture your content... then you can really begin to use the true power of LiveDocs.

Traceability and Metadata

Your LiveDoc documents look and edit like documents in Microsoft Word™ or Google Drive™, but you can easily mark any paragraph, bullet list, or other content as a uniquely identifiable, traceable, and process-controlled Requirement, Test Case or other artifact type, with additional metadata, data properties and contextual workflow.

We invented a technology that forever solves the problem of lack of granular traceability control, the biggest reason why “standard” office documents are nightmare for any process manager. LiveDocs are Polarion Software “first”, which no other solution today can match.

Unique Experience Creates High Expectations

Polarion users found the LiveDoc experience so natural that it produced much higher expectations than we originally counted on, namely several capabilities found in desktop word processor tools.

Listening to our users, we are continuously improving the LiveDocs component. Here are some of the features we already delivered this year as part of our agile development release method:

Polarion’s Richt Text and LiveDoc editors now enable selection of fonts, font styles and font sizes. You can highlight some special paragraph, use monospace font for code blocks, fit large tables on the “paper”, etc.

A new system property - com.polarion.ui.richText.fonts - enables you to configure the set of available fonts in LiveDocs and rich text edit fields, and font substitution for import and round-trip operations.

Font substitution works for:

In addition to using different fonts, you can also set different colors for text and background, just as you can in desktop word processor applications.

Find and Replace in Document
Another “desktop tool” feature is Find and Replace, and it works just as you would expect. Find any word or phrase in your LiveDoc, and navigate forward or backward between the instances found. Replace any instance, or all instances of the search term.

Next on our LiveDocs road-map

Our development labs are working on some more enhancements:


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