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No matter on what process you follow, or what type of product or application you develop, you face the challenge of releasing specifications faster, assessing the quality more often (even continuously), and planning more projects in parallel. Getting the status of all your activities requires a robust reporting solution.


Polarion ALM Live Reporting gives you and your management insight into every step in your process. There is absolutely no delay or inaccuracy of the data that are presented as the reports are displayed online and based on up-to-date live project information.

Any Process - Any Activity -
Focused or Combined Reports

With Polarion ALM you can manage projects that follow any kind of process, from Waterfall, to hybrid, to pure dynamic Agile product development. No matter what your focus - requirements specification, quality assurance, development or operations - you need reports that are focused on a domain you are responsible for, as well as combined reports that trace how the information is pushed from one step to another.

To meet this need, our reporting solution delivers:

Unlimited Data Access

Polarion’s Reporting technology has always been unique. Since our first product release in 2004, we enabled our users to embed Velocity scripts in Wiki pages, thereby enabling them to access any Polarion data through our Open API and render it any way they liked. This was always very much valued by our customers.


You can now also deploy new services to our API, to compute some important metrics as efficiently as possible.

New WYSIWYG Report Designer

To date, Polarion’s robust reporting has been primarily the domain of programmers. We felt that is time to innovate in the reporting component and provide solution that is as flexible as current Wiki-based reporting, but also very easy for non-programmers to design reports visually. You can now truly design reports, and not have to code them any more. Just drop Live Report “widgets” into a Live Report page and visually set options and properties to bring in the data you want, displayed the way you want it.

Next Generation Wiki Pages with Live Report

The reporting solution we built is in fact the next generation of our Wiki component. It has the power to fully replace the current Wiki component, as soon as you are ready. Some facts about the new version:

  1. We’re keeping the “old” (current) wiki technology in our product. All your existing pages and reports will work as usual.
  2. The new “Live Pages” are the preferred option for creating new reports. They also provide a robust content management system for building a project portal.
  3. Although the focus is on visual report design, programmers can still add Velocity script blocks, as in current wiki pages. They have full access to the API, and can script the new reporting widgets.


  4. More to that, we provide programmers with an additional API layer that makes it much easier to render the data reliably for any export format.


  5. Advanced users can extend Polarion by implementing custom Live Report widgets which other users can then visually add to and configure in their report pages.


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