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Ten years ago, Polarion as a pioneering ALM vendor introduced the term “work item”, meaning a superclass of any artifact involved in the project workflow. Work Items (we capitalize to denote our internal to Polarion variety) can represent Requirements, Test Cases, Tasks, Issues, User Stories, Business Cases... literally any kind of artifact you imagine, all stored in a single, versioned repository. The process model is fully customizable and extensible.



With Polarion 2014, we we made the planning of your releases, milestones, sprints … or anything else you need to accomplish… easier and more robust than ever before. Your release plan becomes a “first-class citizen” in Polarion, represented by a brand new artifact type called “Plan”.


2015 Enhancements

We would like to wrap up our Polarion 2015 Early Access walktrough with some much-requested enhancements to the Easy Planning capabilities.


It was one of the most requested enhancements to the Polarion 2014 feature set, to allow teams to include items from other projects into Plans.

One good practice that our customers like is is to separate the component development into dedicated projects. Each component is fully specified (requirements, user stories, test cases, tasks) in a dedicated project.

But a single team is often responsible for implementation, engineering of multiple components. If this is needed, you no longer need to create proxy work packages in the team projects, or have a team working on multiple disconnected plans in parallel. In their team project - or in their team of teams project - the team Plans can now include items from all the component projects the coordinating team is responsible for.



Each Plan is a project that a team is working on. There might be hundreds of projects that your team of teams is working with. To help you meet the project schedule for complex landscape of projects it is important to quickly get the overview of the full projects break down structure, with live status information. A Gantt Chart has always been a good tool for this.


Gantt is a nice example of the extensibility of the new Reporting component in Polarion 2015. We have released Gantt widget as a reference widget implementation, so you can not only fully leverage the reporting wizard, but also extend the widget anyway you like.


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